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(Palm reading) Palmistry

Are you looking for greater self-understanding? Or insight into future significant life events, health, wealth and relationships?

In palmistry the palm lines, shape, size, fingers and nails of your hands together reveal aspects of your innate personality and natural talents. They show a record of your past – but the future is not set in stone! Through the awareness you gain with this palm reading you can take active steps to follow your life path – one that will utilise your best qualities and lead to a happier, more fulfilled life.

Duration: 50minutes                  Cost:  $149

Vedic Palmistry and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology using Vedic astrology chart) are both important systems utilized by the Ayurvedic practitioner to determine karmic/planetary sicknesses and their intensity.

It is said, that at the time of Creation God printed the fate of human beings on their palm in the form of coded lines. Vedic Palmistry was developed by rishis of India during states of deep meditation thousands of years ago, when they were in search ways to know about the future of life. They found this was coded in the form of palm lines, which they analysed and determined the meaning of.

These lines give indications about our health, wealth, marriage and family, friends, enemies, issues in life, birth-death, previous life, education and preferred occupation, temperament, nature, habits, intentions and orientation in life, influence of the planets etc. The main lines of the palm are called the Life line, Heart line, Mental line, Fate line, lines of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Saturn etc.

The lines of your palm have different meanings relating to your past, future and present life. Your palm lines always develop and change from birth to death, but a palmist knows the meaning of these changes. Much insight can be gained through palm reading also by analyzing the shape and size of your hands, fingers and nails.

A Palmistry reading may be helpful in guiding you towards a better understanding of the basis of your motivations in life. This system can not only raise awareness of possible problems, but may also give valuable insights about your personality and character and suggestions which might be helpful for you in making further decisions about your mission in life.

One purpose of palmistry is to discover the mysterious happenings of our lives before they occur so that we can make them more favourable according to our need. While we can’t guarantee this method of prediction and character analysis is 100% correct, it is both fascinating and great fun!



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